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EDIT!! ((This is my application, you know, if anyone cares..

Desired Character--Wendy Darling, der.
Brief history and current status and age of character--(I take it, this is the important stuff.. Well, Wendy had always remembered her good times in Neverland; she dreamt of it every night until her 18th birthday when she sat alone, dawning back to the memories. She had written novels and poetry and literature about her adventures, though she had only suddenly realized what she truly missed (Yeah, if you read mad4mesereau's journal, you're sure to know).. She only got into trouble for one reason. For one guy. Him. And it wasn't Peter Pan.
E-mail address--Why should any of you care? Lol..
Your Age--15. Butttttt..I love Captain Hook anyway. :D))

Wendy sat back in her rocking chair clothed in her favorite baby-blue nightgown, book clasped in hands. She loved to read. It mostly reminded her of her adventures in Neverland with Peter Pan.. Peter Pan? She barely even remembered Peter Pan. Everytime she sat down to think about it, the first thing she thought about was..Him.

Captain Hook. Not Peter Pan. Not Tinkerbell. Not the Lost Boys or any of the indians. Funnily enough, that's all she cared about. She'd have dreams and whatnot about him, express herself through poems and novels she'd written, one called 'Hooked'.

She reached over the arm of the rocking chair and retrieved the novel, staring at it. Him on the cover. Him..

Just him.

Bolting to the window sill, she threw herself over and onto the roof and lifted off, careening her way for the second star to the right.

She had to see him again.

[Tag..anyone who's willing to read this]
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