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Disney Dimensions

Who know's where we'll end up next.....

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This is a Disney RPG. We are always on the lookout for rowdy, fun, active players who'd like a Disney RPG where anything goes!

The Plot, so far :

The Animator was mad. Mad because he'd been doing backgrounds and post-production for years. Mad because he'd been passed up time and time again for promotions. Mad because he'd actually been left out of the credits on his last film, which just happened to be one of the top grossing of all time.
And The Animator was Mad. Stark, raving.
Now, in his own mind, he was getting even.
He'd found a way to bring all the characters from over the years together, and he was able to change their scenery to match his own twisted moods.
The characters do not understand why everything around them changes every so often, they don't understand why they themselves can change to match their surroundings.

A Few Small Details :

Our characters do not know they are just that-animated characters. To them, their movie world is where they exist, and it's all they know. To them, everything is real.
The Animator can change anything, at any time. He may favor one character, yet cause another to be miserable, for no apparent reason. He can also change surroundings-from things as the weather, to NPCs, to where any particular group may be standing.

OOC LJ : dismensions_ooc! This is where you can make out of character posts. If you have any questions about the current setting, the game in general or anything else at all really, post away, it's here for your use.

Rules :

Only Disney characters from the movies, shows, and shorts will be accepted. Major, minor, whatever you like!

You can change their age if you like, but remember to have an explanation for it, and some background for what's happened while they grew up. Example : Peter Pan has left Neverland to look for Wendy and has been away for so long that he has begun to age naturally. He is now 18 years old.

Remember who they are! These characters (for the most part) have a personality already, please stick to it! Examples : Belle is very smart, she's not going to come off as an airhead. Aladdin grew up on the streets-he knows how to take care of himself, and he's not going to just stand by and watch everyone else. Kida is strong, she's not going to get all giggly and girlie on us.

You may also feel free to use NPC's in your posts to make things more interesting. Example : Peter walks into the saloon and looks around. The bartender looks him up and down and shakes his head at Peter's appearance. Still after a moment he smiles and wipes the bar with his towel. "What'll it be, pardner?"

3 characters is the max. Remember if you take half of a couple, and the other half is already there, there may be some things that have happened-they may not even be a couple any more! Just ask OOC about it, and we'll tell you all you need to know!

Spell checkers are our friends! Just give a quick proof read to your entries before you post, makes it easier for the rest of us to read. If you don't spell check you won't get fussed at, unless it's obvious you aren't even trying and it's completely atrocious.

Please try to post at least once a week if possible. If you don't want to play, please let a mod know! Do not quit by default. If you do not post for 2 weeks, and do not give a reason, your character will be put up for grabs.

Slash/het/anything is accepted, welcome, and ecouraged. So once again, mature, any age is welcomed.

Try not to write actions of others in your posts, because the other player may not have had that in mind for their character!
Example :
Hook slices Peter's arm with his sword = BAD
Hook takes a swipe towards Peters arm with his sword = GOOD

On that note, no god-modding. These characters are not invincible, and they will get hurt from time to time. They are also not all powerful-everyone has their weaknesses. Just keep that in mind.

No internet slang, unless it's OOC, of course!

If there are more than 2 characters in the thread, remember the posting order. Don't skip over anyone. If they aren't posting, feel free to poke them before playing around them.

Having an AIM account is not required but is encouraged. We like to get to know you other than in RP and at times it makes working out situations in the RP MUCH easier.

Post often, play nice (or not so nice), and HAVE FUN!

disneymensions was founded by peter_pann and is moderated by __genie__, detective_maza and _little_pixie

Applications now being accepted! Please e-mail yoshi3309@yahoo.com or contact Maza's email at cherryloverose@yahoo.com, or Pixie at enchanted.mermaid@hotmail.com with the following information :
Desired Character
Brief history and current status and age of character
E-mail address
Your Age

We will let you know ASAP when you've been approved or not, but really, it really shouldn't be a problem! As soon as you get the approval, go ahead and make an LJ for your character and join the community! Then email us back, and let us know what the LJ name is and we'll add you to the roster.

Taken Characters:

Ariel, Little Mermaid carmelised
Aurora, Sleeping Beauty sing_aurora
Belle, Beauty and the Beast cherebelle AIM : teh frodo
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story spaceranger101AIM : yoshi3909
Calliope, Hercules muse_goddess AIM : saucy merwench
Dash Parr, Incredibles superdash AIM : epydemik2
Genie, Aladdin __genie__ AIM : yoshi3909
Jackjack Parr, The Incredibles jack_jackattack AIM : teh frodo
Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas skeletongrin
Jafar, Aladdin desertsorcerer AIM : insanityizgood
Captain James R. Hook, Peter Pan capt_hook_rulesAIM : yoshi3909
Jasmine, Aladdin desert__bloom AIM : JapaneseTea12
Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? _drawn_that_wayAIM : saucy merwench
John Smith, Pocahontas thatcoolmrsmith AIM : yoshi3909
Lock Shock and Barrel, The Nightmare Before Christmas chaos_trio
Mulan, Mulan famulan
Peter Pan, Peter Pan peter_pann
Pocahontas, Pocahontas nativebeauty
Timon, Lion King cowardly_hero
Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell _little_pixieAIM : saucy merwench
Violet Parr, The Incredibles _lady_invisibleAIM : saucy merwench
Wendy, Peter Pan __wendeh__ AIM : x H o o k e d x

Cartoon Characters

Kim Possible, Kim Possiblekim_possible2
Elisa Maza, Gargoyles detective_maza

Manipulated movie characters
Magnus (evil Genie), Aladdin __genie__AIM : yoshi3909