nativebeauty (nativebeauty) wrote in disneymensions,

She had to get to John and Timon but how, the cars were moving so fast. She felt so lost and helpless waiting there across the street. "I have to take a chance, I cant take the smoothest course," she said in determination. She took one step in to the busy street. That's when she saw bright headlights and a car horn blaring. She closed her eyes waiting for whatever was to come.

When she opened her eyes she saw a home, different from hers with the words 'matchmaker' coming from many of the women's lips. 'What is this place' she thought as she crawled next to the screen as she saw a women putting war paint on the other women's face. This was not right only men went to war. her confusion began to grow as well as her curiosity as she looked around.

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