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Well, this isn't right...

Belle had been on her way to the stables where Phillipe was usually kept while the snowstorm had breezed its way through the land the previous night.

The Beast had been absolutely horrid to her last evening, when he'd come to her room and demanded that she come out and talk to him. Well, as if she would really obey his every whim whenever he wished! He was just as bad as that Gaston!

But before she had reached the stables, an enormous feeling of light-headedness sprang through her, making her feel weak and almost sick.
"Oh, dear...what's happening to me?" she managed to croak, while falling to her knees. She squeezed her eyes shut, one hand on her forehead while the other clutched at her stomache.

And then as suddenly as the pain had come, it was gone. A warm breeze floated by her, immediately warming her once rosy cheeks. Her thick winter cloak had suddenly become extremely hot.

Belle opened her eyes and was no longer sitting in the snow. No. There was...grass around her. Everything looked so different from the world she was used to. It looked like something from a story she had read. Something about Confucious.

She brought her hands to her mouth and let out an unintentional gasp. What on Earth...? Where was she?

Reminding herself not to panic, that this was probably some strange trick of the imagination, of her previous...faint spell, Belle stood up and swept the wrinkles from her skirt. Yet as she began to walk around the grassy hill she had been...placed upon...the hammering in her heart told her that perhaps this wasn't her imagination. It was much too real. Discarding her cloak, she held it draped over her crossed arms, and called out for someone.

"Hello?" Her voice was carried in the warm air, not quite shattering the silence, but not quite being swallowed up by it either. "Oh...what have I gotten myself into, now?"

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