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Oh. Em. Gee.

Sure, she'd run away from her small-talk account with Tink, Aurora, and a certain man of her dreams, but she wasn't going to fake her emotions anymore.

She'd run as far as she possibly could. And as the pages of distance flipped, the inner city and urban buildings began to disappear. At one point, they even disappeared all together, flashing into the form of a battlefield, moreso perhaps the market near the battlefield. She could hear the commotion in the backdrop.

Wendy, running full force, tripped over the length of her dress and hit the snow-covered ground. The day was dark, clouds cluttering the sky and the air a bit chilly. Just like the way she was feeling.

Fed up beyond all reason, she heaved herself up into a sitting position, tears streaming down her cheeks. She mustered up all the anger she possibly could and gripped the bottom of her dress with her nails. Fury abroad, she tore the bottom half off her dress away and chucked it to the side. The dress now hung leveled just above her knees, tattered and frayed.

Wendy eyed a building up ahead, a banner slung low over the door. She couldn't decipher what it read, on the count of it was in Chinese, but the picture of the young woman covered in make-up sort of gave her the hint. An idea flashing, she tripped forward, opened the door and slammed it shut.


It was literally hours before Wendy re-emerged. Her light footsteps came to the door and her tense hand closed around the door knob. She opened it gingerly, allowing but a little light to spill in through the crack. An immediate breeze burst through the opening. On the wall behind her, she left smeared in heavy blood, 'TRY CARING AS MUCH AS I DO.' Angry, she threw the entirety of the door off its hinges and stepped out onto the blackened pavement of the area.

Wendy Moira Angela Darling was now officially Gothic Wendy.

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