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Zero, I don't think we're in Halloweentown anymore...

[ooc: Trying again! Let me know if I've made any colossal screw-ups. XD; We're in the Incredibles world, right?]

It was a particularly cloudless night in Halloweentown when Jack decided he needed some time to himself. He wasn't in a particularly pleasant mood, not with the impending pressure of next Halloween creeping up in a sinisterly fashion upon him, and just the thought of returning to all those plans piled up in stacks of disarray made him want to cringe and shudder within his old bones.

Passing by several town citizens, he made his way towards the graveyard.
"Have you got the best idea, Jack?"
"I can't wait till Halloween, Jack--you haven't disappointed us yet!"
Jack nodded, half-waving his arm in acknowledgement for their comments. "Thank you, thank you, everyone...I'm quite positive this Halloween will be most frightening," he said politely.

Long legs slowly moved across the barren greyish land so familiar to him; he knew them like the back of his hand. It seemed uncharacteristic of him to disappear so often from the main town whenever he was feeling under-the-weather in order to have a moment of silent contemplation without the calls and cries from Halloweentown citizens, but lately, the trips had become more of a frequent event.

Was he losing the very essence that defined him? Jack? The pumpkin king? It seemed hopeless. Why did he feel like he was wasting his life away? His creativity? He sighed. Even the mayor's suggestions for next Halloween's events, as...interesting as they were, couldn't help him. Oh, great. Where was that optimism when he needed it?

The familiar sight of the graveyard immediately calmed his nerves as it usually did. The moon was full that night, a gigantic disc of pale yellow like butter that filled the blackening sky. He began his slow climb up the hill that stood in the centre of the yard, curling at the end like the shoe of an elf.

There are few who'd deny, at what I do I am the best
For my talents are renowned far and wide
When it comes to surprises in the moonlit night

As he continued to sing what he might have called a lament to his optimism and creativity, he wasn't aware that the ground had begun to shake.

But who here would ever understand
That the Pumpkin King with the--

The ground was quaking. The very hill he was on which had become his only pillar of strength jerked, sending him backwards, nearly rolling down the length of it like a snowball that had picked up too much speed. Sprawled out like a spider, Jack anchored himself to the hill, his bony fingers becoming grappling hooks in the hill's flesh.
"What, in the name of all that is scary, is happening?" he called to no one in particular. Using his free hand, he reached up and with both hands managed to climb to a more comfortable position on the shaking hill while the rest of the graveyard had begun to crack, revealing dunes and crevices within what was once flawless ground.

Gravestones began to topple over, some cracking within the middle from too much seismic pressure. The sky remained untouched, unfazed by all that was happening on land, and Jack looked up briefly.
"What could this be? What could be happening? Ohhh!" He wailed as the hill jerked once more like an angry bull trying to throw off its rider. Losing his balance and then his grip, Jack went flying forward off the edge of the hill. Like a toy being tossed, Jack sailed across the sky, landing heavily with a clatter to the ground.

He reached up to rub his head, to make sure it hadn't cracked...or something of that nature, finding that his vision was becoming rather fuzzy. He blinked a few times (even with his lack of eyelids), his perception of things swiftly blurring. The hill, which had once been his sense of comfort, suddenly appeared sinister to him. The moon disappeared as though something or someone had...erased it, and then he could see no more.

When he came to, the sky was no longer black, nor dark blue...not even grey, like he was used to. No. My, oh, what's this? The sky was a brighter, though still slightly dim, blue, so full of colour like he'd never known. Jack sat up, one hand anchoring him to the ground. It was hard. Firmer than the ground he was used to.
And it was black. There were strange white dashes across the length of it, fading into...what's this? Tall, rectangular shapes loomed everywhere around him.
Rubbing his head of the sudden dizzy spell that had overcome him--perhaps from being overwhelmed by the sight of this...foreign land--Jack slowly began to stand up.

A murderous scream like the sound of screeching cats--one of his favourite sounds--pierced the air.
"What on Earth is that thing!" someone wailed.
Jack blinked. Could it be me they speak of? he wondered.
A loud blaring sound, most unpleasant to his ears, suddenly erupted. He turned. A huge metallic box on wheels was barreling itself towards him.
Honk. Honk!
Unsure what to do, for this was most unfamiliar, Jack forced his legs to begin moving. Somehow he knew it probably wasn't best to see what would happen if he were to collide into it.
His spindly legs began to work, and he dashed to the side of a different colour paved area, much more narrow than the black pavement he had just been on.

"Somehow I don't think I'm in Halloweentown anymore," he said to no one in particular.

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