Lock Shock and Barrel (chaos_trio) wrote in disneymensions,
Lock Shock and Barrel

"I know how to get Oogie Boogie back!" Barrel said excitedly and he, Shock and Lock, trekked through the haunted forest in their trusty bathtub.

"And whats your bright idea this time?" Shock shreiked back.

"Well, Its actually quite simple, see-"
"Hold on!" Lock rudely inturrupted.
"Your actually trying to bring back the fat old meanie, so he can boss us around all over again?!"

Barrel looked down and appeared to be thinking hard about this.

"I thought so. Leave the thinking to me." Lock let out a high pitched laugh as the bathtub came to a halt. The chaos trio had reached their destination, the holiday doors.

"Hmm, who should we wreak havok on next? Easter?" Shock asked to herself.
"Nah! To easy... how about St.Patricks?" Lock unwelcomely answered.

Shock just acted as if Lock hadn't spoken, Barrel on the other hand was already out the tub and approaching the Christmas door.

"Barrel, we already did that one... remember, on Oogie Boogies orders." Shock said smartly.
"Yea, but this time we can do what we want, we don't have that jerk to boss us around anymore." Lock added.

The Trio stood around the christmas tree shaped door in silent thought. And without word they opened the door and jumped through. Falling, swirling, hurtling through the vast emptiness that seperated the worlds, the Trio finally landed with a hard THUD! to their suprise, in the middle of a damp, dingey alley.

"This isn't CHRISTMAS TOWN!!!!!" Shock screamed the obvious.
"So, where the hell are we?" Barrel asked blankly.
Not one of them had an answer. The trio set off down the alley arguing about who screwed up and was to blame for the odd turn of events.

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