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Peter Pan

Peter had been returned to Neverland with no memory of his time spent dimension hopping. He doesn't remember anyone he had run into during that time.

He was a bit puzzled. He doesn't remember the time he'd spent looking for Wendy or getting lost or how he had grown older. The Lost Boys welcomed him back gladly with open arms even though he looked about eighteen years old now. The other thing that bothered him was the absence of Tinkerbell. The boys said she'd disappeared quite awhile ago.

Hook was nowhere to be found either, which definitely made life happier for Peter, but the pirates were still around. Mind you they were even less effective than usual without the leadership of the blundering codfish.

Peter woke with the sun and flew through his home under hangman's tree, calling out to the boys to wake up.

"Time for breakfast boys! Get up get up! Roo Roo ROOOOO!!!" He crowed as he soared happily around the room.

That's when The Animator snatched him. It was time to drag Pan back into the mix. Peter felt a slight tugging sensation as the animator picked up his film and placed it on the projector.

"What the heck was that?" Peter asked himself. As he landed, he felt lighter. He begins to sink through the floor.

"Boys?" He calls. The Lost boys leap out of bed and gasp as Peter is up to his knees in the floor.

"You're flickerin Peter" said Slightly.

"Yeah" Agreed the twins.

Peter tried to fly but just kept sinking.

"I'll get ya Peter!" Cubby hollered and reached for Peter's hand and.... went right through.

Peter looked at his hand, it didn't look solid and he was definitely flickering.

"Boys, help!" He called as he slipped completely through the floor.

In an instant, Neverland was gone and he was engulfed in darkness.... stinky darkness. He tried to fly and phased out of a dumpster and into an alley in the early morning. Cars drove by at the end of the alley, but they didn't look like the cars in london.

"Where am i?" His voice sounded a bit muffled.

He tried to lean against the dumpster but just phased through again. He tried to land and started to sink through the ground.

Peter scratches his head. It seems the only thing he can touch in this state is himself. He floats out to the sidewalk and looks around.

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