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Timon Leslie Berkowitz

Swinging peacefully in his little hammock, Timon hummed the familiar tune of Hakuna Matata to himself. Ah, life was bliss. His parenthood days were now over, for Simba had grown into a fully grown lion now. But that caused a new worry in replace of his old one of a younger Simba being harmed from the not so safe stunts he'd preform for entertainment. His little Simba was grown up, the cub Simba had left so quickly...

A huff of hot air escaped past the meerkats lips. Why should he worry? Why should he care? Simba wasn't going anywhere. No one was. Him, Pumbaa and Simba would be together for life, maybe even after.

Timon climbed out of his hammock and stretched. He'd grown quite thirsty after his power nap. Still stretching, he slowly made his way towards the waterfall for a drink.

His brows knitted together as an unusual feeling hit him. It was quite painful...but, what was responsible? Perhaps he cracked something he shouldn't have?

"Uuuhh!" Timon groaned while clutching his forehead. He was starting to feel a bit light headed as well as the scenery around him began to turn black. Un able to fully respond, he stumbled forward to the water. The meerkats eyelids began to flutter as his drowsiness took over causing him to fall forward into the water.

Time itself seemed to slow down as he felt himself falling forward. The pain was unbearable, as if someone had literally ripped his fur off. He could not recall hitting the waters surface though.

When his eyes did alas open, Timon found himself in by far the oddest looking place he'd ever been. He rubbed his fore-head.

"Where...am I?"

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