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Character: Jafar, the villain/sorcerer from Aladdin.

Description: Jafar was exiled from his hometown, Baghdad, for unknown reasons (which shall be revealed later, muaha). He traveled to many places and eventually settled in Agrabah, where he became the Sultan's trusted advisor. However, because of his past, Jafar became obsessed with gaining more knowledge and power, spending hours perfecting spells and delving over old texts. As time went by, he learned of the Cave of Wonders and the enchanted beetle which had been cut in half by a powerful sorcerer from days gone by. He obtained the two halves....and thus the events of Aladdin began to take place. As many of you may know, Jafar was killed/destroyed in The Return of Jafar, but Jafar has been revived as a product of the Animator's rage. He is no longer a genie, but has instead been restored to the powers he had while being a sorcerer. He is around 47 years old, and now wishes nothing more than to have revenge on Aladdin and all those he holds dear, his old attraction to Jasmine shattered with rage and hatred only in its place.


EDIT: Jafar strode silently through the back streets of Agrabah. Piles of garbage were settled in corners, puddles of Allah-knew-what scattered here and there, and the stench was atrocious. If he weren't so angry and set on his purpose, he would have wondered how on earth Aladdin had managed to live on the streets with the garbage and...well. But Jafar paid no mind to these thoughts, because he was filled with a rage that he had never felt before.

A sharp pain in his abdomen hit him suddenly, and he had to lean against a filthy wall, taking slow, deep breaths. It had been like this ever since he had been brought back from the dead. At first, he was just lying in the desert sand, too weak to even move, and it took at least two days for him to gain enough strength to get up and start walking towards Agrabah. Ever since then, he would occasionally experience a sharp pain. He knew that it would fade, and that it was merely his soul slowly gathering its bits and peices from the Netherworld...his knowledge of mysticsm becoming resourceful, at least, in this situation. He gripped his cobra staff tighter, and glared up at the castle in the distance. Oh, he would have his revenge...and he would kill Aladdin and all of his comrades once and for all.

His will overpowered the pain he was feeling, and he straightened up and began walking once more, his black cape trailing silently behind him. That was when everything went black.

Jafar froze, his dark, sinister eyes piercing the blackness which now surrounded him. There is some sort of magic at work here...He thought. Just as suddenly as the blackness had appeared, it vanished, leaving in its wake...a very strange place. Jafar looked around suspiciously. He was no longer in Agrabah, and instead found himself in a place where silence seemed to reign. Tall buildings stretched in the sky, and dark clouds loomed menacingly overhead.

Where am I?

Of course, this thought quickly fled from his mind as soon as the realization that he wasn't in Agrabah, and thus he could not exact his revenge, hit him. Anger overcoming him, he let out a loud cry of rage, and wanted nothing more than to destroy something, anything.

(Tag: Preferably the Genie, but anyone is welcome.)
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