_little_pixie (_little_pixie) wrote in disneymensions,

Tinkerbell, having exhausted herself struggling in the vines, screamed a bit when all of sudden she landed on the hard cement with a thud. Quickly getting up, she brushed off her behind, and flittered her wings, lifting up off the ground. She was quite used to flying at her large size now, (though she was still tiny-short by human standards) and took full advantage of it. She flew towards a street, and was amazed by what she saw. Large buildings, falling to pieces. People looking like they'd never seen a bath or knew how to wash their clothes-though there looked to be a river not too far away. Looks of desperation, of resignation, of incredible sadness. The overall feeling around her made Tink stop flying and land gently on the ground.
What was going on? Where was she now?

((Tag-Hook!!! (It's about time these two got together again!))
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