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((Gah, I'm here, I'm here! Sorry 'bout that!!!))

And just like that, Vi was back in her apartment, staring out the large glass window. It was more of a wall than a window, really, ah but that wasn't the point.
She was home again.
What had happened? What was that jungle? It was incredibly random, and Vi was still convinced a villian was behind it, possibly that space man that had shown up at her apt...what was his name? It didn't matter.
She stared at the too-familiar chaos outside, and gave a deep sigh. She wished her family, any of them, were here. What had happened to them? It had been so many years, she probably wouldn't even recognize any of them if she saw them.
She hugged her arms around herself, her shyness peeking out again. Damnit, she had worked so hard to get that under control, to get away from taunts of 'Shy Violet'!
Vi stood there, staring at the city, but not really looking.

((Tag anyone...JackJack maybe?))
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