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She still had her arms wrapped around Jack holding him close, when he started to fade in and out. “NO! NOT AGAIN!,” she started to cry, fresh tears streamed down her face. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Finally they were together and whoever was doing this was separating them again. Closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around her.
She could still feel his warmth his scent on her. She opened her eyes again, not knowing what to expect. Then she looked and couldn’t believe what she saw. It was the states but this was a very different place. The building in front of her were on fire, everything around her seemed to have that fiery glow. People were screaming in the distance for help then a cracking of a whip ended their cries.
Gasping she got up, and remembered she took off her pant when she took a swim. Looking down she saw them and hurriedly put them on and picked up her jacket. Putting it on she flicked the collar up. “I wont give up hope, I will find you again Morph.” She said a promise to herself and for all to hear around her.
(ooops forgot tag: Jack Jack, mangus)
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