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"My name Stitch"

Character: Experiment 626 (AKA Stitch) from Disney's Lilo & Stitch

Description: An illegal genetic experiment of unknown age. Created to be a monster and to "destroy everything he touches." He has many abilities such as being able to see in the dark, hear distant conversations and lift objects 3000 times his body weight. Escaping arrest he crashed on the planet Earth and befriended a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo. She does her best to keep him under control but he is still a myschivous little imp. He's still got a little bit of monster left in him, so keep an eye on him! ;)


EDIT: Stitch had just broken one of Lilo's favorite Elvis Presley records. It wasn't his fault it looked like a frisbee. None of it is his fault. He was designed to be a monster. Created to cause mayhem wherever he went. Lilo had yelled at him and he fled the house, knowing his friend would come find him soon. He waited for her to come. And waited... and waited...

Stitch woke up when he heard something. "Lilo?" he called out but no reply. It was dark so he effortlessly turned on his nightvision, a handy gift from his creator Jumbaa, and had a look around. The place was unfamiliar to him. Even the air smelled different. Stitch was a little concerned as he jumped to the nearest tree and climbed up. Looking around, there were nothing but treetops as far as the eye could see. No city. No house. No Lilo. He heard something again and realized that he was not alone here. Jumping to the ground he went off in search of whoever, or whatever, was out there.
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Genie walked out of the jungle underbush, pulling twigs from his hair. "Another world hop..." he said, "And in the nick of time to"

He was of course referring to his encounter with Mozenrath. That crazed mage would do anything to get ahold of Genie.

"Might as well look around for a bit. See if I can find Jazzy or Al or someone I know"
Suddenly there is a blue glow coming from behind Stitch. Instincively he jumps behind a nearby tree and slowly peers around. Stitch has seen countless alien life forms but never anything like this. A large blue entity moved through the forest. It's body glowed and lit up the surrounding area. It didn't even look like the blue creature was solid. Stitch watched in amazement. His complete attention on the Genie, he did not even notice as someone walked up behind him.
Genie had been around the world in his travels, from the frozen artic to the deserts of agrabah. But this place wasnt like anything he had ever seen. It was a jungle...but then it wasnt. It was wierd. He got a freay vibe from it.

"Definetly freaky" he said to himself.

He then realized there was another person...or thing near him. He turned in Stitch's direction. "Hey there little fella!" he called out with a smile, not noticing the thing behind stitch.
(ooc: we changed worlds, so hope on board.-maza)