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EDIT!! ((This is my application, you know, if anyone cares..

Desired Character--Wendy Darling, der.
Brief history and current status and age of character--(I take it, this is the important stuff.. Well, Wendy had always remembered her good times in Neverland; she dreamt of it every night until her 18th birthday when she sat alone, dawning back to the memories. She had written novels and poetry and literature about her adventures, though she had only suddenly realized what she truly missed (Yeah, if you read mad4mesereau's journal, you're sure to know).. She only got into trouble for one reason. For one guy. Him. And it wasn't Peter Pan.
E-mail address--Why should any of you care? Lol..
Your Age--15. Butttttt..I love Captain Hook anyway. :D))

Wendy sat back in her rocking chair clothed in her favorite baby-blue nightgown, book clasped in hands. She loved to read. It mostly reminded her of her adventures in Neverland with Peter Pan.. Peter Pan? She barely even remembered Peter Pan. Everytime she sat down to think about it, the first thing she thought about was..Him.

Captain Hook. Not Peter Pan. Not Tinkerbell. Not the Lost Boys or any of the indians. Funnily enough, that's all she cared about. She'd have dreams and whatnot about him, express herself through poems and novels she'd written, one called 'Hooked'.

She reached over the arm of the rocking chair and retrieved the novel, staring at it. Him on the cover. Him..

Just him.

Bolting to the window sill, she threw herself over and onto the roof and lifted off, careening her way for the second star to the right.

She had to see him again.

[Tag..anyone who's willing to read this]
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Did you write a full fanfic? I want to read.
(ooc: this is a role playing game, feel free to join if you want)
((Actually, yeah, I did. Lmao. Don't think I'll post it here, though. Any ideas where I could?)) <3 xxx
(ooc: yay your here, I'm very please, this is kitten_smile. Good first post, Make sure you post in the ooc explaing your char like your applications, you will find the link on the info page. thank you again. *gives a cookie)
"Fithly bilge rats" Hook growled as he pulled himself out of the water. His coat was dripping wet, "Thats the last time I talked to some stuffed chicken!"

He looked around. "Another world?" he said with a twitch of his hooked nose, "I bet that darn woman had something to do with that!" he was reffering to Shiego.
((I'm not squealing like an obsessive fool right now.. o_O))

Wendy lands uncomfortably in the grip of bunch of tree branches. Sprawled out among them, she writhes away from them and finds herself sitting on the trunk of the tree and fixing the likes of her dress.

"Wretch!" She slaps a branch.

She's about ready to set the tree on fire when she hears the harsh, discordonat (I so spelled that wrong) sound of a deep, British accent. Wendy moves backward to duck under the leaves of the lush, green tree and make out the tall, skinny figure. Her eyes widen when she realizes who it is.

"MR. HOO-" Her hands fly to her mouth as she shuts herself up, remembering not re-kindle his anger with Peter Pan.


Wendy: So, where are you girls from?
Me: New York.
Wendy: Did you fly down?
Me: Yep.
Wendy: What was your happy though?
My sister: An airplane.
Wendy: *Giggle* What about yours?
Me: Captain Hook.
Wendy: Oh.. That's more of a scary thought..
Me: No, it's not.. *Sees Captain Hook come out behind POTC attraction, squeals and dive tackles him* XD))
((OOC: lol thats funny haha. i bet hook was like WTF Mate?))

Hook turned when he heard his name sorta called out. He narrowed his eyes, searching for the source, but to no avail. Maybe it was just the wind.

He starts to make his way along the beach, trying to find some sort of sign of habitation on this island...or country...or something, whatever it is.

"Damn Pan" he muttered in the end, kicking sand. It always felt good blaming that bastard of a boy in the end.
((Pssh. I don't know what happened to the last comment; guess I'll have to type it again. DAMN COMPUTER!! *Kicks it, Wendy style*))

Leaning farther out onto the branch, her face upturned in a smile, she stares intently at Hook. She pushes herself out a little further before her eyes go wide at the loud..

CRACK. The branch snaps and Wendy shrieks, cast from the tree and hitting the ground hard, rolling over and tumbling down a hill. She tosses and flips around uncontrolably until she comes to a sudden halt, coincidentally, directly in front of Captain Hook.

Her eyes go even wider, a deer in the headlights. She throws him a meek wave, pulling a stray strand of hair out of her face. "Well...Hello, there.." She quickly looks away, ready to bolt for the nearest exit if he explodes. That temper..
((Well, crap, it DID show up. Ah, the power of the 'delete' button..))
Hook's eyes nearly jumped out its sockets when Wendy rolled right in front of him. It wasnt more so the shock of a person falling in front of him, it was the fact that it was her. And if she was around...then HE was around.

With a inert quickness Hook seemed to have, his sword was out of its sheath, pointing at Wendy. "Where is he" he said with a grow and a twitch of his moustahce.
((This seriously makes me squirm with happiness.))

Wendy eases herself backwards on her hands, staring awkwardly at the sword, then up at his handsome face. "Where is..who?" She blinks.

Though, she couldn't help herself from stealing looks into his eyes. She could tell from the height of anger in his tone and the way he gripped the sword that he meant Peter Pan, but she wasn't going to guess and be wrong about it. Heck, she was Wendy Darling. And she wasn't about to make a fool of herself in front of someone she admired so much.

Thinking about how she fell out of a tree and tumbled down a hill, she erased all thoughts of making a fool of herself, well, because...she already had.

Gently directing the sword away from her face, Wendy's face goes a little bit more stern. "Must you threaten me? I'm a lady, after all." She stands and brushes off the folds of her blue nightgown, adjusting the way her hair holds up.
((U need to email me and tell me why ur so obsessed lol))

Hooks eyebrows clenched in more anger, then a grin. "Defiant as ever" but he put the blade back up, "Where is Pan!" he yelled, "That little rat is somewhere around here, scurrying about. Now tell me where he is or I will cut your throat!"
((Yeah, that was me.. Whoops. And here:

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Does that cover it?))

"Quit threatening me!" She whipped around and crossed her arms, back to him. She wanted to be angry; she knew she was supposed to be, but the excitement was almost too much to bear. She wanted so badly just to start squealing and swooning, and.. yeah, let's not go there..

She shyly glanced over her shoulder. "..I haven't seen him.." She said, finally giving in to the hotness that was Captain James Hook. ((Yes, that comment came from ME. XD))
((i find this hilarious))

She gave him a look that he didnt expect from a woman, least of all her. But he regained his composure, putting his sword away. If she was telling the truth, which he believed, she bore no threat to him.

"Then what are you doing here Wendy" he said, starring back at her.
((I am da crazzzzyyyyyy girrll. XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com))

"I, uhh.." She thought up a lie, and she thought up one quick. "I'mmmm..looking for Peter," she concluded with a grin, slowly turning around to meet his eyes.

A breeze tugged at her curls and gave her the slightest suspicion that maybe..just maybe.. Peter Pan wasn't there. She bit her lower lip and glanced down to keep outta Hook's line of fire.
(ooc: we changed worlds, so hope on board.)