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[03 Jan 2006|10:44pm]

She had to get to John and Timon but how, the cars were moving so fast. She felt so lost and helpless waiting there across the street. "I have to take a chance, I cant take the smoothest course," she said in determination. She took one step in to the busy street. That's when she saw bright headlights and a car horn blaring. She closed her eyes waiting for whatever was to come.

When she opened her eyes she saw a home, different from hers with the words 'matchmaker' coming from many of the women's lips. 'What is this place' she thought as she crawled next to the screen as she saw a women putting war paint on the other women's face. This was not right only men went to war. her confusion began to grow as well as her curiosity as she looked around.

(Tag: OPEN!)
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Well, this isn't right... [24 Dec 2005|06:14pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Belle had been on her way to the stables where Phillipe was usually kept while the snowstorm had breezed its way through the land the previous night.

The Beast had been absolutely horrid to her last evening, when he'd come to her room and demanded that she come out and talk to him. Well, as if she would really obey his every whim whenever he wished! He was just as bad as that Gaston!

But before she had reached the stables, an enormous feeling of light-headedness sprang through her, making her feel weak and almost sick.
"Oh, dear...what's happening to me?" she managed to croak, while falling to her knees. She squeezed her eyes shut, one hand on her forehead while the other clutched at her stomache.

And then as suddenly as the pain had come, it was gone. A warm breeze floated by her, immediately warming her once rosy cheeks. Her thick winter cloak had suddenly become extremely hot.

Belle opened her eyes and was no longer sitting in the snow. No. There was...grass around her. Everything looked so different from the world she was used to. It looked like something from a story she had read. Something about Confucious.

She brought her hands to her mouth and let out an unintentional gasp. What on Earth...? Where was she?

Reminding herself not to panic, that this was probably some strange trick of the imagination, of her previous...faint spell, Belle stood up and swept the wrinkles from her skirt. Yet as she began to walk around the grassy hill she had been...placed upon...the hammering in her heart told her that perhaps this wasn't her imagination. It was much too real. Discarding her cloak, she held it draped over her crossed arms, and called out for someone.

"Hello?" Her voice was carried in the warm air, not quite shattering the silence, but not quite being swallowed up by it either. "Oh...what have I gotten myself into, now?"

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Open to: Whoever [13 Dec 2005|09:40pm]

[ mood | calm ]

One moment Jafar had been flying towards a crowd of innocents watching in awe as the dragon soared towards them, when everything went black. The environment changed so suddenly that he crashed into a field, rolling a few times before stopping, lying on his now scaly back.

Jafar growled and willed himself to turn back into his normal form, staggering to his feet, his staff giving him balance. Curses, he thought. Allah had sent him somewhere else.

However, as he looked around, he began to realize that the scenery was quite familiar. He had been here before....

Ah. So You have sent me to China now, have you? he thought, smirking. Well, let's see You try to put me at a disadvantage this time....

The sorcerer began to walk in the direction that he believed a village would lie.

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Oh. Em. Gee. [07 Dec 2005|04:19pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Sure, she'd run away from her small-talk account with Tink, Aurora, and a certain man of her dreams, but she wasn't going to fake her emotions anymore.

She'd run as far as she possibly could. And as the pages of distance flipped, the inner city and urban buildings began to disappear. At one point, they even disappeared all together, flashing into the form of a battlefield, moreso perhaps the market near the battlefield. She could hear the commotion in the backdrop.

Wendy, running full force, tripped over the length of her dress and hit the snow-covered ground. The day was dark, clouds cluttering the sky and the air a bit chilly. Just like the way she was feeling.

Fed up beyond all reason, she heaved herself up into a sitting position, tears streaming down her cheeks. She mustered up all the anger she possibly could and gripped the bottom of her dress with her nails. Fury abroad, she tore the bottom half off her dress away and chucked it to the side. The dress now hung leveled just above her knees, tattered and frayed.

Wendy eyed a building up ahead, a banner slung low over the door. She couldn't decipher what it read, on the count of it was in Chinese, but the picture of the young woman covered in make-up sort of gave her the hint. An idea flashing, she tripped forward, opened the door and slammed it shut.


It was literally hours before Wendy re-emerged. Her light footsteps came to the door and her tense hand closed around the door knob. She opened it gingerly, allowing but a little light to spill in through the crack. An immediate breeze burst through the opening. On the wall behind her, she left smeared in heavy blood, 'TRY CARING AS MUCH AS I DO.' Angry, she threw the entirety of the door off its hinges and stepped out onto the blackened pavement of the area.

Wendy Moira Angela Darling was now officially Gothic Wendy.

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[06 Dec 2005|08:19pm]
He was even more pissed off then ever before, “How can the war just stop, I had everything planned. To make them turn to change everything they way I wanted it.” He screamed his fist hitting the desk again.

He was numb inside, didn’t care about anything else but to make them suffer, make them feel so much pain they would gladly wish for death. He laughed psychotically, then a smirk appeared on his face. If this war wouldn’t start maybe I should place them in one that has……..

Smiling an evil grin, he sat at his desk, were things were not as they appear to be where a war was brewing. Everything changes with a flip of a coin, this was the perfect world in ancient China.

Though there were still hope that the Emperor of China would be safe and that all of China would be saved as well. But what if he……. laughing evilly once more!
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Zero, I don't think we're in Halloweentown anymore... [23 Oct 2005|10:23am]

[ mood | confused ]

[ooc: Trying again! Let me know if I've made any colossal screw-ups. XD; We're in the Incredibles world, right?]

It was a particularly cloudless night in Halloweentown when Jack decided he needed some time to himself. He wasn't in a particularly pleasant mood, not with the impending pressure of next Halloween creeping up in a sinisterly fashion upon him, and just the thought of returning to all those plans piled up in stacks of disarray made him want to cringe and shudder within his old bones.

Passing by several town citizens, he made his way towards the graveyard.
"Have you got the best idea, Jack?"
"I can't wait till Halloween, Jack--you haven't disappointed us yet!"
Jack nodded, half-waving his arm in acknowledgement for their comments. "Thank you, thank you, everyone...I'm quite positive this Halloween will be most frightening," he said politely.

Long legs slowly moved across the barren greyish land so familiar to him; he knew them like the back of his hand. It seemed uncharacteristic of him to disappear so often from the main town whenever he was feeling under-the-weather in order to have a moment of silent contemplation without the calls and cries from Halloweentown citizens, but lately, the trips had become more of a frequent event.

Was he losing the very essence that defined him? Jack? The pumpkin king? It seemed hopeless. Why did he feel like he was wasting his life away? His creativity? He sighed. Even the mayor's suggestions for next Halloween's events, as...interesting as they were, couldn't help him. Oh, great. Where was that optimism when he needed it?

The familiar sight of the graveyard immediately calmed his nerves as it usually did. The moon was full that night, a gigantic disc of pale yellow like butter that filled the blackening sky. He began his slow climb up the hill that stood in the centre of the yard, curling at the end like the shoe of an elf.

There are few who'd deny, at what I do I am the best
For my talents are renowned far and wide
When it comes to surprises in the moonlit night

As he continued to sing what he might have called a lament to his optimism and creativity, he wasn't aware that the ground had begun to shake.

But who here would ever understand
That the Pumpkin King with the--

The ground was quaking. The very hill he was on which had become his only pillar of strength jerked, sending him backwards, nearly rolling down the length of it like a snowball that had picked up too much speed. Sprawled out like a spider, Jack anchored himself to the hill, his bony fingers becoming grappling hooks in the hill's flesh.
"What, in the name of all that is scary, is happening?" he called to no one in particular. Using his free hand, he reached up and with both hands managed to climb to a more comfortable position on the shaking hill while the rest of the graveyard had begun to crack, revealing dunes and crevices within what was once flawless ground.

Gravestones began to topple over, some cracking within the middle from too much seismic pressure. The sky remained untouched, unfazed by all that was happening on land, and Jack looked up briefly.
"What could this be? What could be happening? Ohhh!" He wailed as the hill jerked once more like an angry bull trying to throw off its rider. Losing his balance and then his grip, Jack went flying forward off the edge of the hill. Like a toy being tossed, Jack sailed across the sky, landing heavily with a clatter to the ground.

He reached up to rub his head, to make sure it hadn't cracked...or something of that nature, finding that his vision was becoming rather fuzzy. He blinked a few times (even with his lack of eyelids), his perception of things swiftly blurring. The hill, which had once been his sense of comfort, suddenly appeared sinister to him. The moon disappeared as though something or someone had...erased it, and then he could see no more.

When he came to, the sky was no longer black, nor dark blue...not even grey, like he was used to. No. My, oh, what's this? The sky was a brighter, though still slightly dim, blue, so full of colour like he'd never known. Jack sat up, one hand anchoring him to the ground. It was hard. Firmer than the ground he was used to.
And it was black. There were strange white dashes across the length of it, fading into...what's this? Tall, rectangular shapes loomed everywhere around him.
Rubbing his head of the sudden dizzy spell that had overcome him--perhaps from being overwhelmed by the sight of this...foreign land--Jack slowly began to stand up.

A murderous scream like the sound of screeching cats--one of his favourite sounds--pierced the air.
"What on Earth is that thing!" someone wailed.
Jack blinked. Could it be me they speak of? he wondered.
A loud blaring sound, most unpleasant to his ears, suddenly erupted. He turned. A huge metallic box on wheels was barreling itself towards him.
Honk. Honk!
Unsure what to do, for this was most unfamiliar, Jack forced his legs to begin moving. Somehow he knew it probably wasn't best to see what would happen if he were to collide into it.
His spindly legs began to work, and he dashed to the side of a different colour paved area, much more narrow than the black pavement he had just been on.

"Somehow I don't think I'm in Halloweentown anymore," he said to no one in particular.

[tag: anyone! please come join me?]

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[12 Oct 2005|06:21am]

"I know how to get Oogie Boogie back!" Barrel said excitedly and he, Shock and Lock, trekked through the haunted forest in their trusty bathtub.

"And whats your bright idea this time?" Shock shreiked back.

"Well, Its actually quite simple, see-"
"Hold on!" Lock rudely inturrupted.
"Your actually trying to bring back the fat old meanie, so he can boss us around all over again?!"

Barrel looked down and appeared to be thinking hard about this.

"I thought so. Leave the thinking to me." Lock let out a high pitched laugh as the bathtub came to a halt. The chaos trio had reached their destination, the holiday doors.

"Hmm, who should we wreak havok on next? Easter?" Shock asked to herself.
"Nah! To easy... how about St.Patricks?" Lock unwelcomely answered.

Shock just acted as if Lock hadn't spoken, Barrel on the other hand was already out the tub and approaching the Christmas door.

"Barrel, we already did that one... remember, on Oogie Boogies orders." Shock said smartly.
"Yea, but this time we can do what we want, we don't have that jerk to boss us around anymore." Lock added.

The Trio stood around the christmas tree shaped door in silent thought. And without word they opened the door and jumped through. Falling, swirling, hurtling through the vast emptiness that seperated the worlds, the Trio finally landed with a hard THUD! to their suprise, in the middle of a damp, dingey alley.

"This isn't CHRISTMAS TOWN!!!!!" Shock screamed the obvious.
"So, where the hell are we?" Barrel asked blankly.
Not one of them had an answer. The trio set off down the alley arguing about who screwed up and was to blame for the odd turn of events.

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[06 Oct 2005|04:00am]

Peter had been returned to Neverland with no memory of his time spent dimension hopping. He doesn't remember anyone he had run into during that time.

He was a bit puzzled. He doesn't remember the time he'd spent looking for Wendy or getting lost or how he had grown older. The Lost Boys welcomed him back gladly with open arms even though he looked about eighteen years old now. The other thing that bothered him was the absence of Tinkerbell. The boys said she'd disappeared quite awhile ago.

Hook was nowhere to be found either, which definitely made life happier for Peter, but the pirates were still around. Mind you they were even less effective than usual without the leadership of the blundering codfish.

Peter woke with the sun and flew through his home under hangman's tree, calling out to the boys to wake up.

"Time for breakfast boys! Get up get up! Roo Roo ROOOOO!!!" He crowed as he soared happily around the room.

That's when The Animator snatched him. It was time to drag Pan back into the mix. Peter felt a slight tugging sensation as the animator picked up his film and placed it on the projector.

"What the heck was that?" Peter asked himself. As he landed, he felt lighter. He begins to sink through the floor.

"Boys?" He calls. The Lost boys leap out of bed and gasp as Peter is up to his knees in the floor.

"You're flickerin Peter" said Slightly.

"Yeah" Agreed the twins.

Peter tried to fly but just kept sinking.

"I'll get ya Peter!" Cubby hollered and reached for Peter's hand and.... went right through.

Peter looked at his hand, it didn't look solid and he was definitely flickering.

"Boys, help!" He called as he slipped completely through the floor.

In an instant, Neverland was gone and he was engulfed in darkness.... stinky darkness. He tried to fly and phased out of a dumpster and into an alley in the early morning. Cars drove by at the end of the alley, but they didn't look like the cars in london.

"Where am i?" His voice sounded a bit muffled.

He tried to lean against the dumpster but just phased through again. He tried to land and started to sink through the ground.

Peter scratches his head. It seems the only thing he can touch in this state is himself. He floats out to the sidewalk and looks around.

((Tag: Anyone))
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[01 Oct 2005|08:22pm]

Swinging peacefully in his little hammock, Timon hummed the familiar tune of Hakuna Matata to himself. Ah, life was bliss. His parenthood days were now over, for Simba had grown into a fully grown lion now. But that caused a new worry in replace of his old one of a younger Simba being harmed from the not so safe stunts he'd preform for entertainment. His little Simba was grown up, the cub Simba had left so quickly...

A huff of hot air escaped past the meerkats lips. Why should he worry? Why should he care? Simba wasn't going anywhere. No one was. Him, Pumbaa and Simba would be together for life, maybe even after.

Timon climbed out of his hammock and stretched. He'd grown quite thirsty after his power nap. Still stretching, he slowly made his way towards the waterfall for a drink.

His brows knitted together as an unusual feeling hit him. It was quite painful...but, what was responsible? Perhaps he cracked something he shouldn't have?

"Uuuhh!" Timon groaned while clutching his forehead. He was starting to feel a bit light headed as well as the scenery around him began to turn black. Un able to fully respond, he stumbled forward to the water. The meerkats eyelids began to flutter as his drowsiness took over causing him to fall forward into the water.

Time itself seemed to slow down as he felt himself falling forward. The pain was unbearable, as if someone had literally ripped his fur off. He could not recall hitting the waters surface though.

When his eyes did alas open, Timon found himself in by far the oddest looking place he'd ever been. He rubbed his fore-head.

"Where...am I?"

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[30 Sep 2005|12:11pm]

Character: Jafar, the villain/sorcerer from Aladdin.

Description: Jafar was exiled from his hometown, Baghdad, for unknown reasons (which shall be revealed later, muaha). He traveled to many places and eventually settled in Agrabah, where he became the Sultan's trusted advisor. However, because of his past, Jafar became obsessed with gaining more knowledge and power, spending hours perfecting spells and delving over old texts. As time went by, he learned of the Cave of Wonders and the enchanted beetle which had been cut in half by a powerful sorcerer from days gone by. He obtained the two halves....and thus the events of Aladdin began to take place. As many of you may know, Jafar was killed/destroyed in The Return of Jafar, but Jafar has been revived as a product of the Animator's rage. He is no longer a genie, but has instead been restored to the powers he had while being a sorcerer. He is around 47 years old, and now wishes nothing more than to have revenge on Aladdin and all those he holds dear, his old attraction to Jasmine shattered with rage and hatred only in its place.


EDIT: Jafar strode silently through the back streets of Agrabah. Piles of garbage were settled in corners, puddles of Allah-knew-what scattered here and there, and the stench was atrocious. If he weren't so angry and set on his purpose, he would have wondered how on earth Aladdin had managed to live on the streets with the garbage and...well. But Jafar paid no mind to these thoughts, because he was filled with a rage that he had never felt before.

A sharp pain in his abdomen hit him suddenly, and he had to lean against a filthy wall, taking slow, deep breaths. It had been like this ever since he had been brought back from the dead. At first, he was just lying in the desert sand, too weak to even move, and it took at least two days for him to gain enough strength to get up and start walking towards Agrabah. Ever since then, he would occasionally experience a sharp pain. He knew that it would fade, and that it was merely his soul slowly gathering its bits and peices from the Netherworld...his knowledge of mysticsm becoming resourceful, at least, in this situation. He gripped his cobra staff tighter, and glared up at the castle in the distance. Oh, he would have his revenge...and he would kill Aladdin and all of his comrades once and for all.

His will overpowered the pain he was feeling, and he straightened up and began walking once more, his black cape trailing silently behind him. That was when everything went black.

Jafar froze, his dark, sinister eyes piercing the blackness which now surrounded him. There is some sort of magic at work here...He thought. Just as suddenly as the blackness had appeared, it vanished, leaving in its wake...a very strange place. Jafar looked around suspiciously. He was no longer in Agrabah, and instead found himself in a place where silence seemed to reign. Tall buildings stretched in the sky, and dark clouds loomed menacingly overhead.

Where am I?

Of course, this thought quickly fled from his mind as soon as the realization that he wasn't in Agrabah, and thus he could not exact his revenge, hit him. Anger overcoming him, he let out a loud cry of rage, and wanted nothing more than to destroy something, anything.

(Tag: Preferably the Genie, but anyone is welcome.)
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SO. FRIGGEN. HOOKED. ..Hi.. [26 Sep 2005|02:52pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Wendy falls from the sky, landing heavily on the concrete pathway. She's fallen from the sky before (cough), so it had been nothing new. She held her head up, sitting up and staring about, dress a mess. Her vision was blury at first, but it soon cleared to take in the barren street. Nothing.


She glanced from left to right and helped herself up.



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[22 Sep 2005|10:57am]

Tinkerbell, having exhausted herself struggling in the vines, screamed a bit when all of sudden she landed on the hard cement with a thud. Quickly getting up, she brushed off her behind, and flittered her wings, lifting up off the ground. She was quite used to flying at her large size now, (though she was still tiny-short by human standards) and took full advantage of it. She flew towards a street, and was amazed by what she saw. Large buildings, falling to pieces. People looking like they'd never seen a bath or knew how to wash their clothes-though there looked to be a river not too far away. Looks of desperation, of resignation, of incredible sadness. The overall feeling around her made Tink stop flying and land gently on the ground.
What was going on? Where was she now?

((Tag-Hook!!! (It's about time these two got together again!))
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[22 Sep 2005|10:45am]

((Gah, I'm here, I'm here! Sorry 'bout that!!!))

And just like that, Vi was back in her apartment, staring out the large glass window. It was more of a wall than a window, really, ah but that wasn't the point.
She was home again.
What had happened? What was that jungle? It was incredibly random, and Vi was still convinced a villian was behind it, possibly that space man that had shown up at her apt...what was his name? It didn't matter.
She stared at the too-familiar chaos outside, and gave a deep sigh. She wished her family, any of them, were here. What had happened to them? It had been so many years, she probably wouldn't even recognize any of them if she saw them.
She hugged her arms around herself, her shyness peeking out again. Damnit, she had worked so hard to get that under control, to get away from taunts of 'Shy Violet'!
Vi stood there, staring at the city, but not really looking.

((Tag anyone...JackJack maybe?))
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[21 Sep 2005|11:31am]

When the world started to fade, Genie wasnt fazed. He had been through this enough times to get used to it. But what hurt him was the fact that he hasnt found Jasmine and Aladdin again. He began to think that he would never see them again.

He reappeared inside a building. People shuffled about, hanging on to their ragged clothes. Some small children played with cans and any other debris lieing around. A pain ripped at his heart.

Genie walked over to them, creating a little magic for them. He made some balls, some toys appear for them. The little children stared up at him and beamed, but then some adults ran over to them and took them away.

"Leave them alone super!" one woman yelled, "havent you done enough!"

(tag: open)
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[21 Sep 2005|11:24am]

John turned to Kim, waiting for her to join him in the expedition when she began to fizzle out. Not only her, the whole world began to disappear.

"No damn it!" John yelled as he reached out to no avail.

Slowly images came back to him, setting him in the middle of a city. The tall skyscrapers, long rusted and damaged, hung onto their steal beams, but just barely. Newspapers rolled along deserted, rubbeled streets. A few trashcans burned with fire in a corner.

John stared in disbelief. "Where am I...?"

(tag: open)
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[20 Sep 2005|10:10pm]

She still had her arms wrapped around Jack holding him close, when he started to fade in and out. “NO! NOT AGAIN!,” she started to cry, fresh tears streamed down her face. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Finally they were together and whoever was doing this was separating them again. Closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around her.
She could still feel his warmth his scent on her. She opened her eyes again, not knowing what to expect. Then she looked and couldn’t believe what she saw. It was the states but this was a very different place. The building in front of her were on fire, everything around her seemed to have that fiery glow. People were screaming in the distance for help then a cracking of a whip ended their cries.
Gasping she got up, and remembered she took off her pant when she took a swim. Looking down she saw them and hurriedly put them on and picked up her jacket. Putting it on she flicked the collar up. “I wont give up hope, I will find you again Morph.” She said a promise to herself and for all to hear around her.
(ooops forgot tag: Jack Jack, mangus)
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[21 Sep 2005|12:48am]
The falling of pencils and pens followed the sound a fist on a desk.

"DAMN IT!" the animator yelled in fustration. These...these...cartoons were outwitting him! Him! How...could they do that? He let out a fustrated growl, scratching his head in thought. "There has to be some way...some...place that these toons will never be comfortable."

But that was the problem. There was no current crop of worlds that he can put them to that would cause them trouble. Unless...

Unless he created his own.

A grin crossed his face as he began to type on his computer, slowly moding a world of his own creation. A completely digital world. But he had to base it in some film for he couldnt allow his superiors to find out his work. The animator did not want to lose his job.

So he decided on a world. The world of the disfunctional superhero family, the Incredibles.

But it wasnt their world...it was his.

It was a the world in the future, where the rise of supervillans have all but taken over the world. The super's, nearly all killed in the great war of good and evil, have gone into hiding and the villans have set up their own governments of power, constantly waging war against each other. The humans of the world live almost as slaves, here to do their masters bidding.

But there is hope. There is a resitance, a small one, but there is one.

The animator grinned. He wanted to give these toons a chance. But all the pieces were in play. They could not survive this war. It was impossible. Not with his Aces in the hole.
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"My name Stitch" [16 Sep 2005|12:02pm]

Character: Experiment 626 (AKA Stitch) from Disney's Lilo & Stitch

Description: An illegal genetic experiment of unknown age. Created to be a monster and to "destroy everything he touches." He has many abilities such as being able to see in the dark, hear distant conversations and lift objects 3000 times his body weight. Escaping arrest he crashed on the planet Earth and befriended a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo. She does her best to keep him under control but he is still a myschivous little imp. He's still got a little bit of monster left in him, so keep an eye on him! ;)


EDIT: Stitch had just broken one of Lilo's favorite Elvis Presley records. It wasn't his fault it looked like a frisbee. None of it is his fault. He was designed to be a monster. Created to cause mayhem wherever he went. Lilo had yelled at him and he fled the house, knowing his friend would come find him soon. He waited for her to come. And waited... and waited...

Stitch woke up when he heard something. "Lilo?" he called out but no reply. It was dark so he effortlessly turned on his nightvision, a handy gift from his creator Jumbaa, and had a look around. The place was unfamiliar to him. Even the air smelled different. Stitch was a little concerned as he jumped to the nearest tree and climbed up. Looking around, there were nothing but treetops as far as the eye could see. No city. No house. No Lilo. He heard something again and realized that he was not alone here. Jumping to the ground he went off in search of whoever, or whatever, was out there.
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-New- [13 Sep 2005|03:15pm]

[ mood | weird ]

EDIT!! ((This is my application, you know, if anyone cares..

Desired Character--Wendy Darling, der.
Brief history and current status and age of character--(I take it, this is the important stuff.. Well, Wendy had always remembered her good times in Neverland; she dreamt of it every night until her 18th birthday when she sat alone, dawning back to the memories. She had written novels and poetry and literature about her adventures, though she had only suddenly realized what she truly missed (Yeah, if you read mad4mesereau's journal, you're sure to know).. She only got into trouble for one reason. For one guy. Him. And it wasn't Peter Pan.
E-mail address--Why should any of you care? Lol..
Your Age--15. Butttttt..I love Captain Hook anyway. :D))

Wendy sat back in her rocking chair clothed in her favorite baby-blue nightgown, book clasped in hands. She loved to read. It mostly reminded her of her adventures in Neverland with Peter Pan.. Peter Pan? She barely even remembered Peter Pan. Everytime she sat down to think about it, the first thing she thought about was..Him.

Captain Hook. Not Peter Pan. Not Tinkerbell. Not the Lost Boys or any of the indians. Funnily enough, that's all she cared about. She'd have dreams and whatnot about him, express herself through poems and novels she'd written, one called 'Hooked'.

She reached over the arm of the rocking chair and retrieved the novel, staring at it. Him on the cover. Him..

Just him.

Bolting to the window sill, she threw herself over and onto the roof and lifted off, careening her way for the second star to the right.

She had to see him again.

[Tag..anyone who's willing to read this]

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[08 Sep 2005|04:34pm]
John had finally entered the 300 mile xone from the port. He had flwon and was ready to find a new boat. Jim. Whay would Jim do, but he must stay true to himself, yet he hadn't do that before when he-. He went blank what is the truth behind his cyborg body?he had gotten the tresure does he still need it? poor old John. As he entered the zone he saw a high tech sub floating between the sun and moon. The sun resemble a green planet, the old world. Covered with vines of emerald. It seemed so famillar as familler as when- BLANK.

to be continued...
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